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/ Roadside Station Inagawa
Roadside Station Inagawa
There is a Farm Product Sales Center where fresh vegetables that were harvested in the morning by local farmers are for sale, a Regional Agriculture Information Center with regional information, a rest corner and specialty product sales corner, and the Soba no Kan where you can taste Juwari Soba that only uses local buckwheat flour. Here you can experience kneading Soba that uses 100% buckwheat flour and was produced by taking advantage of unused rice fields (reservation required). At the Soba hall you can enjoy freshly ground, kneaded and boiled Inagawa soba, as well as seasonal farm produce and specialties like shiitake mushrooms that contain the taste of Inagawa.
Nearby there are the Byobu Rocks which are rare stones in a clear stream that stand like a folding screen, Oya Alps Land where you can make the most of brilliant nature, as well as the Tada Silver and Copper Mine where the legend of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s buried gold remains. You can use Roadside Station Inagawa as your base to have an enjoyable time.

Address 70-1 Takezoe, Manzen, Inagawa-cho 666-0224
Contact Roadside Station Inagawa 072-767-8600
hours open 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed every Wednesday, January 1 - 6
*Toilets and parking available 24 hours
traffic By Bus/ “Kawatokoguchi” via Hankyu Bus Sugio Line from Nose Electric Railway “Nissei Chuo Station”
By Car/ Drive to Inagawa-cho from Prefectural Route 12 (Kawanishi Sasayama Route) via National Route 176
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Accessible toilets available (1 wheelchair compatible toilet, 1 baby bed location, 1 handrail equipped location)
Wheelchair facilities available (sloped ramp, disabled parking)