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/ Oya Alps Land (Inagawa Observatory)
Oya Alps Land (Inagawa Observatory)
Located at the peak of Mount Oya (753 meters), the highest and most splendid mountain in the Hanshin area where you can enjoy camping and bird watching.

There is also a 50 cm diameter astronomical telescope installed at Inagawa Observatory Astropia so you can observe the stars. With clear air and an ideal amount of light in the night sky, Oya Alps Land is in an environment that is on the same level as observatories around the nation and meets many of the requirements for an observatory, despite being in the Hanshin area that is close to cities. Furthermore, in July 2011 the planetarium was renewed as a globally cutting edge digital planetarium, and gives explanations of the stars in the sky each night as well as three-dimensional space simulations of 1 million years in the past to 1 million years in the future.

Address 1-1 Onogadake, Kashihara, Inagawa-cho 666-0204
Contact Inagawa Observatory Astropia 072-769-0770
Inagawa Industry and Tourism Office 072-766-8709
hours open Inagawa Observatory / Open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, 1:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Parking Lot
Free parking available (50 cars)
traffic By Train / 60 minute walk from “Kashihara” bus stop via Hankyu bus bound for Kashihara from Nose Electric Railway “Nissei Chuo Station”
By Car (to Mount Oya Entrance)/ From the direction of Osaka head from the Hanshin Expressway Ikeda Route “Kawanishi Obana Interchange” to Prefectual Route 12 (Kawanishi Sasayama Route) northwards towards Sasayama, then turn left at Sugio crossing towards “Kashihara” bus stop, the last bus stop of the Hankyu Bus in Kashihara district within the town, from there a one-way road leads to the summit of Mount Oya
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Accessible toilets available (1 wheelchair compatible toilet)