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/ Tochihara Megumi no Mori
Tochihara Megumi no Mori
A Satoyama (mountain-side village) forest that was outfitted with the goal of enjoyably interacting with nature and the forest, and to reevaluate and learn traditional culture.
The park has a total area of 20 hectares, where rhino beetles and stag beetles live in the Acorn Forest, azaleas flowers bloom impressively in the Mineike Hiroba, vine handcrafts can be enjoyed in the Forest Stage and there is a charcoal kiln with traditional culture in Jaraiba. You can enjoy immersing yourself in the forest while getting in touch with grass flowers, wild birds and insects.

Address Tochiharauchi, Inagawa-cho 666-0221
Contact Inagawa Industry and Tourism Office 072-766-8709
hours open Partial entry restriction from mid-September to mid-November
Parking Lot
Parking available for 5 to 6 cars behind Tochihara Neighborhood Council Hall, and 5 to 6 cars at the venue of the morning market beside the prefectural road
traffic By Train / 30 minute walk from “Tochihara” bus stop via Hankyu Bus Sugio Line after approx. 30 minute bus ride from Nose Electric Railway “Nissei Chuo Station”
By Car/ To the direction of Kawanishi from Prefectural Route 12 (Kawanishi Sasayama Route), head towards Sasayama and aim for Hankyu Bus “Tochihara” Walk from the parking lot behind Tochihara Neighborhood Council Hall
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