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/ Keifuku-ji Temple
Keifuku-ji Temple
This temple was opened in 1369 (Ōan 2) by the Zen monk Tsugen Jakurei. Keifuku-ji Temples were built during the Tensho Era (1573 - 91) in Himeji, Okayama and Tottori, and they are widely known as the four Soto Sect Keifuku-ji Temples. While it is small this temple has 7 main buildings, and from 1633 (Kanbun 3) to 1871 (Meiji 4) the monk administrator was in charge of Tanba Province Minami Kuwada county, Funai county, Harimanokuni, Mino county, Kato county, Kasai county and Akashi county. White flowers bloom from the rare Shala trees in August every year within the precinct. From June to July you can see the forest green tree frog that has the rare behavior of laying a mass of eggs the size of a softball on trees, while if you walk upstream on Inagawa River there is a Japanese giant salamander that can only live in places with clean water.

Address 15 Sunoko, Sugio, Inagawa-cho 666-0201
Contact 072-769-0028
hours open Open for visits
Parking Lot
traffic 3 minute walk from “Sugio-chu” bus stop via Hankyu Bus bound for Sugio from Nose Electric Railway “Nissei Chuo Station”
Approx. 30 minute drive from “Ikeda Interchange” via Hanshin Expressway
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Wheelchair facilities available (sloped ramp, disabled parking), Foreign language service available from reception and staff (English, Filipino, Spanish)