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/ Toko-ji Temple
Toko-ji Temple
An old temple said to be founded by the monk Gyōki. Minamoto no Mitsunaka also worshipped here as a place of prayer, and there is a legend that Minamoto no Yorimitsu prayed for the victory over the demons of Mount Oe, which lead this temple to be known as the “Healing Buddha of Oi”. It also houses 15 Mokujiki Buddhas that were made when the travelling Mokujiki monk Gogyo Myoman stayed here in 1807 (Bunka 4) in his later years. Mokujiki is a regulation of the Shingon Sect that bans eating grains and meat, and has nuts and mountain herbs as the staple diet. The deep and simple style of wood carving with a single knife is very attractive to many people.

Address 452 Teramae, Kitatahara, Inagawa-cho 666-0236
Contact 072-766-0831
hours open Open for visits
*Reservation required when visiting cultural assets
Parking Lot
Parking available
traffic 2 minute walk from “Oi” bus stop via Hankyu Bus Sugio Line from Nose Electric Railway “Nissei Chuo Station”