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/ Tada Silver and Copper Mine Remains
Tada Silver and Copper Mine Remains
This mine is so old that the copper used in the molten statue of the giant Buddha of Nara is said to be from here.
It spread across dozens of kilometers centered around the mining area of Inagawa, while in the Edo Period (in what is now 7 surrounding cities and towns) around 2000 paths called Mabu existed. In the Toyotomi Era the “Hyotan Mabu” and “Daidokoro Mabu” thrived, while in the Tokugawa Era it became an area directly controlled by the imperial court with the discovery of “Ōguchi Mabu”, and a magistrate’s station was established. Material mined from Tada copper was of high quality and suited to detailed work, so strict attention was paid to avoid smuggling.
The mine ceased operating in 1973, but the past can be remembered by entering the pathways of Aoki Mabu that are still maintained today. There is also the story of the mid-Edo Period scientist Hiraga Gennai stopping by on his journey back from Nagasaki, which carries the romance of history.

Address Ginzan, Inagawa 666-0256
Contact 072-767-2600
hours open Can be visited freely
Parking Lot
A number of parking spaces are available in the area next to Gindozan Public Toilet
traffic Approx. 30 minute walk after getting off at “Ginzan Guchi” bus stop via Hankyu Bus from Nose Electric Railway “Nissei Chuo Station”
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