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Kamo Remains
The Kamo Remains span from the Paleolithic/Jomon Period to the Nara Period. It is the remains of a village from the Heian Period. Most notably it became a village of 20 hectares 2000 years ago in the Yayoi Period, the largest size in the Kinki region and leading it to be designated as a historical landmark by the nation. Numerous stoneware and earthenware has been unearthed here, with pit-dwellings lined up in the dwelling area in the east of the remains while in the west there are grave sites which reveal the appearance of the village. A large building surrounded by a rectangular section was discovered in the center of the village, and has received attention as resource that elucidates Yayoi Period society. Kawanishi City Board of Education undertook an investigation, with the uncovered earthenware and stoneware being exhibited in the Kawanishi Cultural Heritage Museum. Also within the Kamo Remains is the Enkishikinaisha Kamo Shrine.

Address 1-4 Kamo, Kawanishi-shi 666-0025
Contact 072-740-1244
traffic Approx. 5 min bus ride bound for “Itami” from Hankyu Line/Nose Electric Railway “Kawanishi Noseguhi Station”
20 minute walk from JR Takarazuka Line “Kawanishi Ikeda Station”