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/ Aman-taki Waterfall
Aman-taki Waterfall
A waterfall located among the mountains in the north of Sanda, at the upper reaches of “Aonogawa Keikoku”, one of the Eight Views of Sanda. A two-level waterfall where water flows down into different streams from a height of around 5 meters, with the rushing water forming rapids that flow into the next waterfall. The contrast with the vivid colors of the mountains on both sides is beautiful during the seasons of fresh greenery or red autumn leaves, with many people visiting due to it being part of a hiking course that continues towards Yotaku-ji Temple. The unusual name of Aman-taki (Nun’s Waterfall) is said to come from the story that nuns used to undertake spiritual training by being hit by the waterfall.

Address Kamiaono, Sanda 669-1301
Contact Sanda Tourist Information Center 079-563-0039
traffic From Sanda Station on the JR Takarazuka Line or Kobe Electric Railway, take the bus bound for Kamiaono for 36 min., get off at the Kamiaono stop, and walk 40 min.