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/ Arima Fuji
Arima Fuji
Arima Fuji is one of the Eight Views of Sanda and a symbol of Sanda City. In his poetry the Emperor Kazan compared the mists at the foot of the mountain to the sea and the wind through the pine trees to the waves, and the magnificent beauty of the mountain ridges have been admired by the local people for centuries. With an altitude of 374 meters, it got its name because its shape when seen from any direction is similar to Mount Fuji. The inverted Fuji reflected in Fukushima-ōike Lake is famous. The surrounding area has been maintained as a nature park and is easy to walk through, with many attractions such as cherry blossoms, Fukuhima-ōike Lake and bird watching that can be enjoyed with the family or as a beginner. The streets of Sanda City and the Rokko mountain range can be seen from the summit of the mountain.

Address Fukushima, Sanda-shi 669-1313
Contact Sanda City Tourist Information Center 079-563-0039
Approx. 30 minute walk from JR Takarazuka Line “Shin-Sanda Station”
traffic Free of charge