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/ Mount Ōfuna
Mount Ōfuna
One of the 50 Furusato Mountains of Hyogo, Mount Ōfuna has an elevation of 653 meters. It has a distinctive triangular pyramid shape and has been worshipped for centuries as a mountain from where the gods descend. The remains of an Iwasaka shrine made of stones arranged to welcome the gods still stands on the summit today.
The seasons of fresh greenery and red autumn leaves are particularly beautiful and the mountain climbing paths are well maintained, meaning that many hikers come to visit. The mountains of Hokusetsu, the Rokko and Tamba mountain ranges and the distant Ōsaka Bay can be observed across 360 degrees from the summit.

Address Tokura, Sanda-shi 669-1404
Contact Sanda City Tourist Information Center 079-563-0039
traffic An approx. 30 minute bus ride to “Tokura” from JR Takarazuka Line/Kobe Electric Railway “Sanda Station”