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/ Sanda City Ceramics Museum
Sanda City Ceramics Museum
This location has been famous for centuries for producing the clay used by Tamba (Tachikui) ware. There are classrooms, drying rooms and kilns for enjoying ceramics on the 1st floor of the ceramics museum, while the 2nd floor has an exhibition room and foyer that can be used as a place for lifelong learning. It is also inside the citizen’s interaction space called “Fureai to Sozo no Sato” which also has a community pool, worker’s fitness center and a multi-purpose ground.

Address 1129-1 Yotsutsuji, Sanda-shi 669-1342
Contact Sanda City Ceramics Museum 079-568-4340
hours open 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Please inquire for the time of the one day ceramics lesson.
Regular holiday
Monday every week and the end and start of the year (December 29 to January 3)
traffic 20 minute walk from JR Takarazuka Line “Aino Station”
Web site

Accessible toilets available (1 wheelchair compatible toilet, 1 child-seat installed toilet) braille blocks available (in the hall only)
Wheelchair facilities available (sloped ramp, disabled parking)