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/ Seiryozan Shingetsuin Temple
Seiryozan Shingetsuin Temple
Built in 1633, Seiryozan Shingetsuin Temple was the family temple of the Kuki clan, lords of the Sanda domain for generations, who were forced to relocate from Toba. The graves of the successive lords of the domain and their families can be seen in the precinct, as well as tombstones with English letters made in the early Meiji Period. There are also the graves of Shirasu Jiro, who contributed to the post-war renewal of Japan as an advisor to Yoshida Shigeru, along with his wife Masako, a writer, as well as Kuki Ryuichi, the director of the Imperial Museum.

Address 2-4-31 Nishiyama, Sanda 669-1537
Contact Seiryozan Shingetsuin Temple 079-562-4310
Parking Lot
Paid parking available (3 parking lots / Approx. 340 spaces)
 Standard Size Car: 100 yen / 20 min.
 Minibus: \1,500/use (Reservation Required) Large-size Bus: \3,000/use (Reservation Required)
 *Parking entry until 20:30
 *Parking is very busy on weekends and holidays so there may be entry restrictions.
traffic 20 min. on foot from Sanda Station on the JR Takarazuka Line or Kobe Electric Railway