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/ Kazanin Temple (Tokozan Bodaiji)
Kazanin Temple (Tokozan Bodaiji)
The head temple of the Kazanin school of the Shingon sect, the official name is Tokozan Bodaiji. Counted as an additional temple to the 33 temples of the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage, it is also famous as a retreat and family temple of the Emperor Kazan. The treasures of the temple are the Imperial Portrait of Emperor Kazan, designated by the city as an important cultural property and said to be a work from the end of the Fujiwara Period, as well as the Seated Statue of the Eleven-faced Kannon, said to be a work by Gyōki.
Surrounding the temple are old trees that have been there since time immemorial and still watch over the people who visit this sacred place. Located on the mountainside, the streets of Sanda City and the distant Seto Inland Sea can be seen from the observation tower. It is also popular as a renowned place for fresh greenery and red autumn leaves.

Address 352 Ninji, Sanda-shi 669-1505
Contact Kazanin Temple 079-566-0125
traffic Approx. 20 minute bus ride to “Kazanin” bound for Ochibara/Moshi from JR Takarazuka Line/Kobe Electric Railway “Sanda Station”
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