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/ Hyogo Prefectural Arima Fuji Park
Hyogo Prefectural Arima Fuji Park
The largest municipal park in the prefecture at 175.2 hectares, making the most of the abundant nature. There is an ecological garden of woods, waterside and grassland as well as a space for wild birds, while there are outdoor facilities such as terraced paddy fields where you can enjoy nature walks, bird watching and insect collecting. There are also hand-made events by the local people called the “Dream Program” held regularly and enjoyed by many visitors to the park. The park center featuring a hall with a capacity of 150 people and can be used for exhibition, music or study events.

The Sanda City Arima Fuji Nature Study Center inside the park has exhibitions themed around the nature of Sanda City and maintains study rooms and woodcraft rooms, while also holding a variety of events and planned exhibitions for children.

There are also a variety of events held at the Recreation Zone in the north of the park, where there is a large grass space of over 2 hectares. In the same zone there is the Sanda City Arima Fuji Cohabitation Center, which serves as a center for the conservation and utilization of Satoyama (village-vicinity mountain) as well as an interaction facility for visitors to the park. With a multi-purpose room with a capacity of 190 people and a Satoyama handicrafts room, it can be used as a place for a range of activities.

The Recreation Zone of Arima Fuji Park is open! “Susumu Shingu WIND MUSEUM”

An outdoor museum where you can see the works of Susumu Shingu, the internationally active artist known as the “sculptor of the wind” who lives in Sanda City. 12 artworks such as Satoyama Windmill are permanently exhibited. You can sense the invisible rhythms of nature in the sculpture that dances elegantly in the wind.

Address 1091-2 Fukushima, Sanda 669-1313
Contact Arima Fuji Park Maintenance Office(Park Center) 079-562-3040
hours open Arima Fuji Park 9:00-17:00
Arima Fuji Nature Study Center 9:00-17:00
Arima Fuji Cohabitation Center 9:00-22:00
Parking Lot
Free parking available, 674 spaces in the Meeting Zone, 151 spaces in the Recreation Zone
Regular holiday
Arima Fuji Park 9:00-17:00 At the end and start of the year
  Park Center (Arima Fuji Park Maintenance Office)
Arima Fuji Nature Study Center Every Monday (or the next business day if Monday is a holiday), and at the end and start of the year
Arima Fuji Cohabitation Center On the 2nd Tuesday of every month, at the end and start of the year
traffic Park Center, Arima Fuji Nature Study Center
30 min. on foot from Shin-Sanda Station on the JR Takarazuka Line
From Sanda Station/Shin-Sanda Station on the JR Takarazuka Line, Sanda Station on the Kobe Electric Railway, take #20 Shinki bus
get off at the Arima Fuji Koen Mae stop
15 min. drive from the Kobe Sanda IC of the Chugoku Expressway

Arima Fuji Cohabitation Center
From Sanda Station on the JR Takarazuka Line or Kobe Electric Railway, take the #24 Shinki bus, get off at the Ninji stop, walk 5 min.
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Barrier-free toilets (12 wheelchair-accessible stalls, 5 child-seat installed toilets, 10 baby bed installed toilets, 12 stalls with handrails)
Services for those with visual impairments (Braille guide board, Tactile maps, Braille blocks)
Services for those with visual impairments (audio guide)
Services for those in wheelchairs (wheelchair rental service, ramps, wheelchair parking, flowerbed (raised bed))
Services for infants (stroller rental, nursing room)
Services for international visitors (foreign language direction board (English), foreign language pamphlet (partial), foreign language service reception and staff (English to the extent possible), foreign language audio guide (English))