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/ Fumyo-ji Temple
Fumyo-ji Temple
The shrine is known for its legends about a mythical, heroic horse and a rainmaking ceremony, and is said to have been founded by Minamoto no Mitsunaka's fourth son, Yorihira (Mansho-risshi). Rare, old Japanese camellias, bush clovers, the azaleas surrounding the temple - each season brings new blooms and providing a setting for calm within the natural surroundings.
This is also the 12th of 33 stops on the Settsunokuni Kannon Pilgrimage. The hokyointo (a type of pagoda) is a prefecture-designated Important Cultural Property, and the zushi screen painting and kasatoba memorial stones are city-designated Tangible Cultural Properties.

Address 1-26 Mukoyama Hazu, Takarazuka 669-1221
Contact Fumyo-ji Temple 0797-91-0755
Parking Lot
Yes (not accessible to trucks, microbuses, etc.)

From Sanda Station on the Kobe Electric Railway, take the Hankyu Sonoda Bus to the Fumyoji-bashi stop and walk 10 min.