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/ Hozan-ji Temple
Hozan-ji Temple
This Shingon Buddhist temple is dedicated to the 11-Headed Kannon, or the Goddess of Mercy. Said to have been established by Hodo, it is the 13th of 33 stops on the Settsunokuni Kannon Pilgrimage.
On the night of August 14th each year, a folk event called Ketoron is held. It is a type of lantern festival to ward off disease, and the tradition has survived from the Edo period solely through oral history. The sounds of gongs and taiko drums fill the air, and participants yell out while reciting the Buddhist nenbutsu chant. The name "Ketoron," as explained by locals, comes from the "ken" sound made by the gong, combined with the "toron" of the taiko drums.

Address 53 Dosaka Oharano, Takarazuka 669-1211
Contact Takarazuka City Education Committee 0797-77-2029

From Takarazuka Station on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line, take the Hankyu Denen Bus bound for Hazu and get off at the Hosanji-shita stop, then walk 5 min.