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/ Mefu Shrine
Mefu Shrine
Said to have been constructed in 610, this is an ancient shrine that houses the god of marriage and the god of clothing, food and wealth.
It was known as Kifune Daimyojin before the Edo period, scholar Namikawa Seisho conducted an investigation that led him to discover that it appeared as "Mefu Shrine" in the Engishiki text, albeit using different characters. The main building is surrounded by dozens of large, dense, and closely aligned trees, creating a forest for wild birds. The chinquapin beech tree forest is a Natural Monument of Takarazuka, and all 13,000 square meters of the grounds have been designated an environmental protection zone.

Address 1-1 Mefuyamate-cho, Takarazuka 665-0854
Contact Mefu Shrine 0797-86-4236
Parking Lot
Parking available for shrine visitors

5 min. on foot from Mefu-Jinja Station on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line