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/ Heirin-ji Temple & Takarazuka Shrine
Heirin-ji Temple & Takarazuka Shrine
Heirin-ji Temple and Takarazuka Shrine are located along the Nishinomiya Kaido route that stretches from Nishinomiya to Kohamajuku in Takarazuka.
The main object of worship at Heirin-ji Temple, a statue of the Shaka Nyorai Buddha in a seated position, is believed to have been made in the early Muromachi period (14th century) and is a city-designated Cultural Property. Also designated is the granite dew basin at the bottom of the pagoda, dating to the mid-Kamakura period (13th century).
Takarazuka Shrine, located on the nearby plateau, is brilliantly filled with cherry blossoms and rhododendron farrerae in spring, and beautiful maple leaves in fall. You can see out to Mts. Ikoma, Kongo, and Nijo in the distance, making this an excellent spot for viewing the first sunrise of the year, a local tradition.

Address 4 Yashiro-cho, Takarazuka 665-0071
Contact Takarazuka Shrine 0797-72-6329

5 min. on foot from Sakasegawa Station on the Hankyu Imazu Line