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/ Takarazuka Historical Folk Archives & Former Higashi Residence
Takarazuka Historical Folk Archives & Former Higashi Residence
Built in the mid-Edo period, this is a museum that was created by moving a farming house to the grounds of the Takarazuka Nature House and restoring it. The building is a prefectural Cultural Property that features a thatched roof and three gen, or open spaces, with a side entrance at the gable.
Inside, visitors will see displays of farming and household tools and learn more about ways of life between the late Edo and early Showa periods.

Address 1 Matsuo Oharano, Takarazuka 669-1211
Contact Takarazuka City Education Committee 0797-77-2029
hours open *Beginning in 2016, the Takarazuka Nature House will be closed for renovations, and the former Higashi Residence will also generally be closed.

From Takarazuka Station on the Hankyu Takarazuka Line, take the Hankyu Sonoda Bus bound for Hazu, get off at the Takarazuka Shizen no Ie-mae stop, then walk 10 min.