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/ Takedao Onsen
Takedao Onsen
Surrounded by the mountains and valleys upstream of the Mukogawa River, this hot spring offers the atmosphere of a secluded retreat. It is named for Takedao Naozo, a deserter of the Toyotomi army, who discovered it in 1641. The mineral spring water that bubbles up from between the rocks is known as gintakimizu ("silver falls water"), and contains hydrogen sulfide. It is said to effective against polymyalgia rheumatica, gout and uratic diathesis, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, liver ailments and others. With four local ryokan (inns), visitors can opt for a day trip or a longer stay. Motoyu was the first to be built, in 1887, and it still offers food made with mountain vegetables to spring and summer visitors, wild boar hot-pot in winter, and other creative dishes. There is no shortage of beautiful, green hiking paths in the nearby Mukogawa valleys, making this destination the ultimate in relaxation.

Address Izuriha Tamase, Takarazuka 669-1231
Contact Takarazuka Onsen Ryokan Association 0797-86-2017
Koyokan Bettei Azare 0797-91-0131(9:00~21:00)

10 min. on foot from Takedao Station on the JR Takarazuka Line

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